Puma GTB S2  -80

Puma GTB S2

Modelyear: 1980
Gearbox: Manual
Mileage: 341km
Location: Stockholm

Vin: P150295

Vehicle overview

The Puma GTB is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive touring car based on Brazilian GM (Opala) components. A prototype named the Puma GTO appeared in 1971. The name was changed to Puma GTB (Gran Turismo Brazil) for the first production version which appeared in 1973. Registers confirm that the Puma GTB was Brazil's most expensive car from 1973 to 1984. The GTB is powered by a 4100 cc in-line six-cylinder engine that is basically a U.S. Chevrolet six-cylinder produced in Brazil. The body is made of fiberglass, which allowed for styling changes with minimal expense. It was common for GTB engines to be modified for high output. GTB interiors were luxurious, with features such as leather seats, power windows and air conditioning.

This Puma GTB S2 is believed to be one of two cars in Sweden, and very few more in europe. Various internet searches back this up. The car was imported from Brazil to Sweden in 1987 and passed inspection 18/6 2019. The car have just been gone through and runs and drives well on new tires. The fiberglass body is in good condition, though missing some cosmetic parts such as bumpers etc that's hardly noticeable.

This is a rare opportunity to own something truly unique. This car turns heads wherever it goes and is an instant conversation starter at any car show or gas station!


12.100 €
VAT not reclaimable