Kaiser Cars was established in Stockholm in the 60’s by Gert Kaiser – who was a race car driver for Porsche in the 50’s. Gert even became the proud winner of the 1000 kilometers race at Nürburgring in 1952, driving his beloved blue and yellow Porsche 550 Spyder.

The passion for Porsche would later spark the idea to start Kaiser Cars.

So a profound car and racing interest runs in the Kaiser family, to say the least. And with a family background like this it wouldn't take long until Staffan Kaiser, Gerts son, began to show an interest in the family business, and the family passion – cars.

In the early days Kaiser Cars main focus were on selling Porsche. But during the years the company branched out and began selling a more wide variety of brands and styles. As time went, Gert decided to get retired leaving the company to Staffan – who’s still the proud owner of the Kaiser Cars, as we know it today. And the passion for Porsche is still there – present in Staffans favorite classic car – The Porsche 908 Spyder. So in a way, the Porsche and Kaiser marriage continues.